Hayter's Video DJs

DJ Bones

DJ Bones is a full throttle party rocker, and turntablist. He has been DJing for over fifteen years. Working for such companies as Red Bull, Phillip Morris, Victoria's Secret, and Jim Beam. After graduating from Montana State University, with a degree in Music Education, he began touring the country with his eight piece live Hip-Hop band 8track Mind. When playing a show he is known for mixing anything with everything. This man knows how to read a crowd, and get them jumping

DJ Avionyx

Chicagoland born & bred, former lyricist, Denver's new up & coming DJ since late 2012 mixing up the hottest music and producing remixes in the Denver area. First DJ to win the X-Bar's Annual Freestyle DJ Competition 2014. Music is my caffeine.

Brisco Jones

A local Denver DJ known for his superb cuts and mixing from funk to hip-hop to vinyl scratching. He has just begun a new project with Kruza Kid called, The Dirty Gemstones. Brisco is also a member in the local turntable crew Colorado Cut Committee (C3)

DJ Baby Boy

DJ Baby Boy has been providing music services around Colorado for many years doing events such as Radio, Club Nights, Weddings, Quinceñas, School Dances and much more.  Well versed in all genres of music from the 50's to todays most popular Hip Hop, Pop & Top 40


Monthly DJ Schedule:

November 24th:  DJ Bones
November 25th:  DJ Bones

November 30th:  DJ Bones
December 1st:  DJ Bones
December 2nd:  DJ Bones

December 7th:  DJ Fatal
December 8th:  DJ Bones
December 9th:  DJ Baby Boy

December 14th:  DJ Baby Boy
December 15th:  DJ Channel
December 16th:  DJ Bones

December 21st:  DJ Sessions
December 22nd:  DJ Bones
December 23rd:  DJ Baby Boy

December 28th:  DJ Baby Boy
December 29th:  DJ Tofu
December 30th:  DJ Bones
December 31st:  Badger & Brisco Jones